Security Operation Centre Assessment aaS

S O C  M AT U R I T Y  A S S E S S M E N T S

CyberSparta provides expert capabilities, experience and technical knowledge to provide a holistic SOC maturity assessment against in-house or outsourced SOCs.

  • Understand what level of maturity your SOC is currently operating at.

  • Establish what level it should be aiming for. Identify what your SOC’s development roadmap should look like.

  • Measure your SOC’s assurance levels and ability to detect cyber-attacks.

  • Respond to cyber attacks in a timely manner to prevent the impact being realised.


  • Provides a Holistic SOC maturity assessment

  • Is available for in-house or outsourced SOCs

  • Uses international bodies such as Mitre, SANS and HP as a reference